Midwest Mystery Parties

Host an "event to die for."
AND . . . let me take care of every detail for you!
You can relax and be the center of attention at a unique mystery event that will astound your guests and make you a party legend.
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A Message from the Chief Inspector

My name is Jack Pachuta, but many of my clients simply call me The Chief Inspector. For three decades, I've been writing and facilitating murder mysteries filled with intrigue and excitement. Why not
tap into my mystery party experience, and let me create an event for you that will be talked about for years to come?

As a native Midwesterner, I understand the how the Heart of America beats and the emphasis that's placed on good friends and good times. My sleuthing domiciles have been in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and now Wisconsin. So, I understand how important it is for you to put your name on an event that reeks of fun and camaraderie.
To host the MOST successful Mystery Party,
you need a real pro who knows the ins and outs of solving the case.
When you hire me to run your Murder Mystery, here's what you'll get:
An individual who'll handle EVERY mystery detail for you. You'll be able to enjoy the twists and turns of the murder mystery plot without having to wonder about what to do next. I'll prepare the invitations for you and brief your suspects. Then, I'll facilitate the entire event while you sit back and watch as your group has a great time.
A proven challenging mystery plot that's been used by many groups around the world. Just take a look at the 25 murder mystery scenarios that I've authored. My mysteries are used on six continents and receive rave reviews. You'll love my plot twists and wry sense of humor.
A true professional who knows how to work with people. Take a look at what I've done and you'll see that I have a handle on what makes people tick and how to use that experience to structure the right murder mystery event for your group.
What Clients Say . . .
Thanks so much, Jack, for your wonderful role at the Whistling Swan. You are a classic! We thoroughly enjoyed the event and . . . we appreciate your efforts to make the experience an enthusiastic success.

With best wishes,
Doris Pride
St. Mary's Hospital
Green Bay, WI

I really enjoyed the event and appreciate all you did to make it so much fun . . . Your wisdom and personality made it absolutely wonderful.

Thank you.  
Luane Baker
Meeting Planner,
Bondurant, IA

Your expertise and wry sense of humor in facilitating the mystery were outstanding and added to the enjoyment. Don't ever get rid of the deerstalker hat and the pipe.

P. Enoch Stiff,
President & CEO
Trak International

Most important of all, you'll like working with me!
I'll be in touch with you the whole time, making suggestions and fine-tuning the murder mystery party investigation. You'll never be left in the lurch and you won't have any unwanted surprises. I'll be right there to advise you as you finalize the party details.
So, what are you waiting for?
Call me at (262)377-7230 or email me TODAY. If you prefer, complete the Contact Form and I'll be in touch with you! When we talk, I'll share with you how I can make your murder mystery party, association meeting or business event something special that will earn you praise and create a lasting impact.

Want to DOWNLOAD a Murder Mystery Kit RIGHT NOW? CLICK HERE and begin your planning!
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